Born in Lima, 1981

I’m a journalist, documentary photographer and teacher. I’m working on a startup project on cityscapes and travel photography album workshops, and I would like to run a reportages agency startup.  


I’m exploring different type of film photography and trying to make more suggestive photographs in my work. I’m also interested on the research about concepts on the function of document and testimonies.  


Master on contemporary photography at Madrid’s base EFTI school, finished my Cutural studies at PUCP (Lima), Cultural analysis and political journalism diploma at UARM (Lima) and journalism at UPC (Lima).  


I taught visual studies at National school of arts at Lima, worked in NGO journalism and press. 


I have exhibit "Death in a multitude" (Muerte en multitud) at Arcadia/Mediática (Lima) and Upstream the river (Río Arriba) at San Cristóbal de Huamanga Cutural center (Ayacucho) and Inca Garcilaso cultural center (Lima).  


My works’ main proposal is to use pictures as a sum of documents as different photographic elements that organizes and create a narration getting the viewer involved in the giving of sense to the work before her or him.





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