Lo nuevo y lo normal

The New and the Normal

Almost four years now I’ve been working on a project related to identity and territory in the neighborhood I live in.

The idea of territory and its physical dimension drastically changed during COVID-019 lockdown.

The sense of place has acquired a deeper level of proximity, simplicity, and intimacy.

Landscapes seen far away from the window becomes a here. Our houses, its objects, and the small walks in it are a whole.

We will soon get into a New normality: this is the “official” name given to the future; euphemism elaborated by life organizing entities such as Law, Science, State and spread through news.

How metaphorical will be daily life from now on since a definition, as precise as open, which seems the title to a chapter for this century?

I try to encounter the new and the normality to figure out how to get into it. Words to get into the act, (new) daily life. How much of future the phrase contains? How much continuity or past? Language (helps to?) model our ways of acting, understanding, and referring.

When words fail naming? When words do not name

the passage between what it was and what is supposed to be? How a sort of contradictory title can be figured by individuals and accorded by society?

I am worried about (my) future, dichotomy of possibilities.

I picture what I feel can suggest the encounter between the normality, the sense of newness and the period before and through it. Images have been shot during quarantine.

We are getting into a season of housework, into a beginning

As precise as open. 

©Nicola Torriti Zolezzi creado en Bluekea