The New and the Normal

Almost four years now I’ve been working on a project related to identity and territory in the neighborhood I live in.

The idea of territory and its physical dimension drastically changed during COVID-019 lockdown.

The sense of place has acquired a deeper level of proximity, simplicity, and intimacy.

Landscapes seen far away from the window becomes a here; our houses, its objects, and the small walks in it are a whole.

We will soon get into a New normality: this is the “official” name given to the future; euphemism elaborated by life organizing entities such as Law, Science, State and spread through news.

How metaphorical will be daily life from now on since a definition, as precise as open, which seems the title to a chapter for this century?

I try to  figure out how to get into it. 

© Nicola Torriti Zolezzi creado en Bluekea